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Halifax Boxing, Sports and Fitness Club,
Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthBloom

Total amount raised for good causes is £1,814,003

Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Batley Community Outreach Centre Batley £31,420 This part new/part existing two-year project aims to continue delivering a weekly drop-in social club and women’s craft sessions for over-55’s in Batley, a town in Kirklees, and to also deliver weekly ‘bake, cook and eat’ sessions and ‘gardening and workshop’ sessions. Benefiting 100 people in total, the project will respond to common interests identified during the existing drop-in sessions and will enable local people to meet together regularly, creating stronger social connections.
Pakistan Association Huddersfield Huddersfield £20,602 This new two-year project will provide a safe and comfortable space for members of the South Asian community in Huddersfield to come together over a hot meal to meet other people, share experiences, and possibly make new friends. The project is particularly targeting older residents and will empower them to widen their networks and encourage them to be independent.
611 Asylum Work Huddersfield  £25,404 This two-year project will enable 611 Asylum Work to develop its support model for refugees and asylum seekers in Huddersfield with a focus on developing its peer leadership programme. This will involve refugees and asylum seekers providing more support to each other by developing skills through a training programme and a series of group workshops to enable them to become community leaders. Those taking part will also benefit from cultural trips and events, a drop-in service, workshops and social activities. The aim is to make the group more sustainable and self-supporting.
Gladiators Boxing Academy Huddersfield £20,040 This new two-year project aims to expand the activities offered by Gladiators Boxing Academy in Huddersfield so that more local people can benefit from the centre it operates from. There will be an exercise and coffee morning for people of all ages, a keep fit group for women, adult fitness and exercise classes and sessions for children and young people. Activities will include dance, aerobics and circuit training. The project aims to provide a place where local people including older people and those who are unemployed can come together and build trust between local people and foster friendships.
Q4E Kirklees £29,260 This new two-year project will deliver a programme of activities, including arts and crafts, physical activities and employment and confidence building workshops, for local Pakistani women who may be experiencing social isolation and loneliness. The project will encourage links within the women's community as well as with the wider community. Local women who live in the Hillhouse and Birkby areas of Huddersfield will lead and shape the project.
Shabang Inclusive Learning Kirklees £28,404 This new two-year project aims to deliver weekly multi-sensory musical and creative sessions for children with learning disabilities and/or autism in Kirklees. The organisation is led by parents with children with these disabilities and they, supported by volunteers from participating families and other young adults with learning disabilities, will deliver the project. Benefiting 60 people, the project will bring families together in a relaxed and supportive environment, providing them with knowledge and enabling them to form friendships with others in the same situation; it will also improve the children’s learning development and potential and ensure a healthy and happy start to family life.
Thornton Lodge Action Group Kirklees £38,622 This new two year project aims to create opportunities for women from Black and Minority Ethnic communities to meet weekly to network, socialise and improve community bonds while remaining active, mobile and independent. There will be ‘mix’ sessions to increase social interaction through activities including arts and crafts, tasting and cooking food from different cultures and relaxation and meditation sessions and ‘fit’ dance sessions. Activities will be run from the community centre and benefit women from Crosland Moor ward in Huddersfield.
Better Future for the Blind Kirklees £25,800 This new two-year project aims to support a group of people with visual impairments to participate in a range of group activities. The group will decide on the types of activities they want to attend and volunteers will be recruited and trained to accompany participants during the sessions. 
Healthy Hearts Birkby & Fartown £17,569 This new two-year project, based on a small funded pilot project, will provide creative, holistic indoor and outdoor activities for women from different ethnic backgrounds, ages and economic status' including students, retired people, newcomers, single mums, unemployed women, women who need time away from family and work commitments and women who live alone in Birkby and Fartown. The project aims to reduce isolation by providing a regular space in which women can connect, develop friendships and build lasting relationships.
KVIN (Kirklees Visual Impairment Network) Kirklees £29,568 This two-year project is the development and extension of existing work. Kirklees Visual Impairment Network has set up a tandem cycling group, Tandem Trekkers, for blind people and people with visual impairments in Kirklees. Alongside the delivery of a weekly, seasonal programme of rides, it will support the steering group of Tandem Trekkers to become a user-led, independent sports club providing inclusive sporting activities. It will run outreach work to increase the number of local visually impaired people taking part in regular cycling, it will also organise regular sessions along with velodrome rides. 
Parochial Church Council Of The Ecclesiastical Parish Of Tong And Laisterdyke Bradford  £20,063 This two-year project is the expansion of existing work. Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Tong and Laisterdyke will run a weekly lunch and activity session aimed at mums with pre-school children who come from Holme Wood in Bradford. There will be a meal followed by activities such as cake decorating, jewellery making, Zumba, sewing, Pilates and print-making. An on-site crèche will be provided for the children. The session will finish with everyone coming together for music and singing. The project aims to help new/first time mums build relationships with other mums and access support from others.
The Vine Trust of St Mary's Laisterdyke Bradford  £27,471 A new two-year project to deliver a weekly programme of social and training activities for young people aged 5-18 years living on and around the Sutton estate in Bradford. Activities including sports, crafts and games will be designed and planned by Young Leaders, 10-15 of whom will attend accredited leadership and development training. The programme brings young people together over six sessions each week. A Youth Council will meet monthly to lead the project, manage small budgets, implement participant feedback and fundraise to sustain activities. 
Why Don't We Bradford £42,840 This two-year project is the development of an existing, Trust-funded project, which delivers a weekly creative group for adults with learning disabilities living in Bradford to learn new skills and strengthen social connections. Group members have grown in confidence through the existing Trust-funded project and now wish to exhibit their creative work in photography, video and audio at community events, enabling them to share their stories with others, increase understanding of learning disabilities amongst the wider community and build links with other community groups. The project will establish a participant steering group, with the aim for the group to organise activities themselves by the end of the project.      
St Oswald's West End Centre Bradford £10,200 This new one-year project will provide weekly activity sessions for isolated people over the age of 60 who currently do not venture out in the evenings due to concerns related to safety.  The project will be based in Little Horton, Bradford in the West End Centre. It will work with 40 people including 15 that will attend every week.
Bolton Woods District Community Centre Association  Shipley £25,277 This new 24-month project will create a forum in which the residents of Bolton Woods can discuss local issues, have a say about neighbouring regeneration work and become more proactive in creating solutions. The project will set up a Steering Group of local people and give residents weekly drop-in sessions to enable them to share their views. The project will be based in Bolton Woods.
Centre at Three Ways  Halifax £18,086 This new 12-month project aims to deliver a programme of gardening activities that will enable isolated residents of Ovenden, Halifax to develop a disused green space, and grow and share their own fruit and vegetables. Participants will form a management committee and be trained in governance skills that will support the sustainability of the project.
611 Asylum Work  Huddersfield £46,996 This two-year project is an expansion of existing work, and aims to benefit asylum seekers, failed asylum seekers and refugees from Huddersfield and neighbouring areas. It will provide a mixture of both practical and social support including advocacy, help with housing, paying bills, and support into training, education and employment. Beneficiary peer mentors will interpret and provide encouragement. There will also be a weekly drop-in offering a hot meal and chance to meet friends, socialise and practice English with volunteers. The project is focussed on addressing issues related to refugee/asylum seeker status and social/emotional isolation.
Bierley Community Association Ltd  Bradford £38,473 This two-year project is the continuation of an existing programme. Bierley Community Association will continue to deliver a programme for around 80-100 people from Bierley in Bradford who are aged over 60. Activities include weekly lunches, exercise classes, a computer club, a Friday Friends group, a supermarket bus run, 'papers, coffee, chat and games' session, a reminiscence group, film club, book group, a seniors' council and monthly trips. There will also be outreach to bring more seniors in the community into the programme.
Bracken Bank & District Community Association  Braithwaite £39,040 This new two-year project aims to support a core group of local people from Braithwaite to create a sustainable programme of outdoor activities and open access green space at the local allotment for the benefit of the whole community. It will include regular training sessions with a seasonal programme of special workshops and get-togethers for all the family. Local people will be provided with the essential training, technical and community development support that they will need to be able to create and manage the scheme.
Bradford Immigration Asylum Support Advice Network (BIASAN)  Bradford £10,000 This existing two-year project is to ensure asylum seeking and refugee women can access support from the BIASAN Women’s Group by providing them with bus fares to attend weekly. The group aims to deliver activities such as embroidery, singing and jewellery-making to refugees who are affected by issues such as mental health issues, people trafficking and rape. The project is based in Bradford and the issues it wishes to focus on are refugee/asylum seeker status and mental ill-health.
North East Windhill Community Association  Bradford £37,400 This new two-year project aims to deliver a community-led programme of educational and health/fitness activities for the community of North East Windhill, Bradford. Residents will be able to socialise and share ideas over a free weekly lunch and take part in skill-building activities. The project aims to deliver general community and neighbourhood work and address issues of social or emotional isolation and mental ill-health.
Sandale Community Development Trust Buttershaw  £35,648 This new two-year project aims to deliver twice-weekly social activities for local residents at the Community Centre in Buttershaw. Activities will include a lunch club followed by bingo, arts and crafts or a guest speaker and a café session with music/dancing followed by tea and cakes. In particular, the project intends to target isolated older people living in Buttershaw. The project aims to address issues of social or emotional isolation.
Women's Activity Centre CIC Halifax  £43,800 This new two-year project aims to deliver a lunch club and other activities for older women living in Park ward, in Halifax. The project will deliver general community and neighbourhood work and aims to address issues of social or emotional isolation and mental ill-health.
The Anchor Project  Bradford £23,829 This existing 24-month project aims to continue a weekly lunch club, develop quarterly cultural exchange visits and an inter-generational choir in partnership with children from a local school. The project will develop cross-cultural and inter-generational links and take part in an inner city area of Bradford.
Bradford LGBT Strategic Partnership  Bradford £34,697 This existing 24 month project will fund the continuation of ten fortnightly peer support groups for the LGBT community. It will also support events to bring the Bradford LGBT community together to form one cohesive voice.
Dewsbury & District League of Friendship for Disabled Persons  Dewsbury £30,412 This new two-year project aims to extend the applicant’s weekly art activities, which are currently focused on people with physical disabilities, to a broader range of clients.  
Peacemaker International Project  Bradford £28,706 This new 24-month project aims to encourage African elders and friends in Bradford to be on the move by supporting, involving, engaging and empowering them to run group activities, starting with weekly activities such as gentle exercises and massage, cook and eat, befriending and money management.
Cecil Green Arts  Bradford £37,760 This new project of 24 months duration builds upon existing work carried out in Bradford’s deprived Canterbury Estate. It will deliver a programme of workshops and activities to children and families covering creative arts and circus skills. The group will also develop and participate in annual carnivals and street parades.
Ravenscliffe Community Association Bradford £48,160 This new two-year project aims to deliver a range of weekly activities primarily for children aged 5-13 and their families. Activities include dance, football and arts and crafts sessions.
2020 Foundation Ravensthorpe £18,810 This two-year project builds on the group’s existing work and will provide a weekly programme of activities and trips to women over the age of 55 in Ravensthorpe. Activities include arts and crafts such as flower arranging, physical activities followed by a hot meal together. It is in response to a lack of regular social and educational activities for the women.
Batley Community Outreach Centre Batley £18,880 This two-year project is based on existing work. It will deliver a weekly drop-in social club for over-55’s who are living in isolation in Batley, as well as a weekly home visiting service for those too fragile to access the social club.
Halifax Boxing, Sports and Fitness Club Halifax £19,780 This new 24 month project aims to deliver a volunteer training scheme for a group of 15 local people who are not in education, training or employment, who will then deliver a new programme of ongoing community activities at the club, including older and younger peoples groups and four new community events each year.
Keighley Association for Women And Children's Centre West Yorkshire £30,970 This two-year project is based on an existing idea and a successful pilot and will enable the applicant to set up a self-help group to empower families to find innovative ways of supporting their children’s early learning in the home environment. Parents and carers will meet on a weekly basis, sharing ideas and providing peer support.
Keighley Healthy Living (KHL) Keighley £35,892 This two-year project is based on a pilot designed to seek out individuals at risk of loneliness and isolation and support them to become active members of the community through involvement in weekly groups and activities. The group will deliver a programme of activities including a social drop-in, Knit and Natter and IT classes.
Newlands Community Transport Bradford  £25,984 This new 24-month project will engage with vulnerable, isolated, disabled and frail older people on a weekly basis. The scheme will help take them out of their isolation and build ongoing social support networks through the establishment of a weekly 'Friendship Club' in the Rockwell Community Centre to socialise, play games take part in arts & crafts, play music, reminisce, sing and eat lunch together. 
Refugee Week Calderdale Calderdale £16,494 This new 14-month project aims to deliver art workshops to local residents and the transient community including refugees and people seeking asylum, launching in Refugee Week in June 2015. The project wishes to address issues of refugee/asylum seeker status; mental ill-health and social or emotional isolation.
Safety First Community Training Centre Bradford £32,363 This new two-year project aims to deliver a twice-weekly luncheon club and other weekly sessions including computer classes, creative writing and poetry sessions, a history group and a digital photography group for adults resident in the local area.
Why Don't We Bingley £29,133 This new 18-month project aims to run weekly, facilitated group sessions at Cottingley Cornerstone, which will bring people together to make meaningful connections and share skills and experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It will have a focus on photography. Core participants will be adults with learning disabilities but activities will be open to other local people.
Olive Branch Trust Bradford £19,655 To deliver an additional weekly session to a current programme of pre-school provision within East Bowling in Bradford. Tots Unlimited runs activities for pre-school children to help prepare them for school and to aid their parents to support their child’s learning and development.
Artworks Creative Communities Bradford £33,742 This new 24-month project aims to deliver weekly community activities in areas such as arts, crafts and exercise for 30 Gypsy, Traveller and Roma women living in the Holme Wood area of Bradford.
Healthy Lifestyle Solutions CIC Bradford £17,379 This new 24-month project aims to deliver weekly community activities in areas such as arts, crafts and exercise for 30 Gypsy, Traveller and Roma women living in the Holme Wood area of Bradford.
Phoenix Radio Halifax £14,463 To create a set of walking routes taking in interesting features of Park ward in Halifax.
Sedbergh Youth & Community Centre Bradford £18,494 To deliver weekly activities, regularly attended by 15 over 50s from the Odsal, Wibsey and Wyke areas of Bradford.
Streetbikes CIC Dewsbury £25,680 To run regular cycling sessions for women and their children.  Weekly sessions will run at various locations in Kirklees North (in and around Dewsbury).
Asian Men's Health Group Bradford £28,592 To provide a programme of activities for men over the age of 50 to address social isolation.
Bangladeshi Community Association Bradford Bradford £36,780 To go toward a two-year project to improve social cohesion between Bowling and Barkerend residents.
BEAP Community Partnership Bradford £18,187 To go toward a two-year project to improve social cohesion between Bowling and Barkerend residents.
Bierley Community Association Ltd Bierley £29,376 To address isolation among people aged over 60-years-old through various weekly activities and trips.
The Old Library Cornholme £19,749 To address social & emotional isolation and unemployment in the area through weekly gardening sessions, community cooking classes, children’s play sessions and communal lunches.
Thornton Lodge Action Group Halifax £43,224 To provide Bollywood-style dance and exercise classes for Black and Minority Ethnic women in the area in an effort to address social isolation and encourage community integration.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
St Oswald's West End Centre Bradford £9,600 Promote a healthy eating programme at 80 socially isolated people in the community of Little Horton, Bradford.
Luv2MeetU Bradford £9,600 Develop a project for people with learning disabilities to learn about seasonal and healthy food, how best to cook it, enjoy eating together and experience a fun, physical activity.
Haworth Film Society Haworth £5,908 Hold a fortnightly film screening to provide a social opportunity for elderly people who are at risk of health problems due to isolation and loneliness in the village.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Royal Voluntary Service   £45,000 Establish a Good Neighbours service, which will recruit, train and support a team of volunteers to provide practical help and support to older people in their neighbourhoods.
Youth Sports Trust   £40,579 Support sports in schools and ensure health education is embedded into club activities and act as a catalyst to promote the wider health agenda in schools.
Alzheimer's Society   £40,000 Provide a full-time dementia support worker who will assess the needs of people affected by dementia and help them maintain their independence and sense of well-being.
Royal Voluntary Service   £37,500  Allow people to remain independent at home, and active in their community, by providing the individual support they need as and when they need it.
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